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spiral ballCollections and Collecting Information

  • Laine Farley's Collecting Bookmarks Page
  • Fuat and Melissa's Bookmark Collection
  • Home Arts Magazine: Collecting Bookmarks
    Souvenirs and Silver Bookmarks
  • Stadtbibliothek Duisburg Lesezeichen -- A bookmark museum in the Library of Duisburg, Germany with 10,000 bookmarks
  • The World of Bookmarks -- a fantastic resource

    spiral ballFree Bookmarks

  • Free bookmarks - From the Creative Group
  • Lori Handeland -- Free Bookmark

    spiral ballAntique Bookmarks

  • Antique Silver Bookmarks - Daniel Bexfield Antiques
  • Silver Bookmarks
  • Willow Antiques Silver

    spiral ballArt Bookmarks

  • African Bookmarks -- Designs by Thaliba
  • Bookmark Design Contest
  • Hinton Gallery Bookmarks -- really incredible handmade bookmarks

    spiral ballCommercial & Advertisement Bookmarks

  • The Bookmark Shop -- an all bookmark website from England
  • Camera Signature Collection
  • Englishfaire Mailable Initial Bookmarks
  • Englishfaire Mailable Design Bookmarks
  • Gay Pride Bookmarks from Sonoma Pins Etc.
  • George's Sailor Moon Bookmarks -- Japanese Cartoon
  • Maple Leaf eh Inc. - Bookmark --Here is the home sight of Maple Leaf eh Inc.
  • Teddy Girl Bookmarks -- racy pin-up style boomarks
  • UK Souvenir Bookmark producers
  • Vatican Treasures -- Bookmarks, etc.

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