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spiral ball Really Important Links

Snopes.com -- Please read before sending me a chain e-mail, PLEASE
Credit Agency Initial Fraud Report
     Equifax fraud division 800-525-6285 (no online reporting available)
     TransUnion Fraud Victim Assistance Department 1-800-680-7289 (no online reporting available)
Do Not Call Registry -- Official Do Not Call Registry site from the FTC
GetHuman.com -- One of the best resources for cutting through the maze of customer service phone menus
Opt-Out Prescreen -- Official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry Opt-Out Prescreen website (ie MUCH junk mail)
spiral ball Software Links

spiral ballComputer Security

Active@ Kill Disk -- erase a harddrive - completely
Microsoft Sysinternals -- some really handy utilities from Microsoft
Shields Up Homepage -- OK, this is a really tricky site, and very hard to navigate. Just keep looking for Shields Up, or call me to walk you through it.
Silent Runners - another nice place to check if you've been hijacked
Trojan TCP/IP Ports -- a great security site
What's Running -- a really nice utility for examining and customizing your system

spiral ballMy LibreOffice Templates

James' Perpetual Calendar 3.4 - the ever-evolving, highly-customizable, printable twelve month calendar; updated with 2012 holidays and moon phases; fully functional with LO 3.4.4 - Updated 11/9/11
James' Perpetual Calendar 4.1 - same as above, but with prior and next month automatically at top of calendar - Updated 20 March 2012
Katharina's Kalender - An example of different formatting options, based on v4.0, 2012 holidays, German set-up - Updated 11/9/11
Simple Amortization Spreadsheet 1.1b2 - Works for standard 80/20, 80/15/5, and other 1st/2nd mortgages that have fixed rates, very powerful tool - Updated 4/28/09
How Much House Can I Afford Calculator 1.0b2 - Also calculates your monthly payments - Updated 4/27/09

spiral ballWeb Page Resources

1&1.com -- Good and inexpensive web hosting, multiple (unlimited) domains
Antique Clipart
Clipart ETC from Florida's Educational Technology Clearinghouse
ColorCombos.com -- test out various web color combinations
CSS Play -- a great CSS resource, lots of example coding
w3schools CSS Guides -- wonderful list and explanation of CCS elements
HTML & CSS Editors
Amaya -- Open Source CSS editor from W3C
NVU -- Open Source CSS & HTML editor (my favorite so far)
tsWebEditor -- Open Source HTML editor
OpenClipArt.org -- OPEN SOURCE -- FREE Clip Art
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
W3C HTML Validation Service
Whois.net -- or at Internic
Wikimedia Commons: Public Domain Media Resources 
spiral ballWebsite Server-side Applications & Style Sheet Design Add-ons
Dynamic Drive -- great resource for free DHTML & Javacripts
Lightbox JS -- free simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page
phpBB -- high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable free bulletin board package
WordPress -- OPEN SOURCE Blog (and more) software

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